Hi, I am Aravinda Perera. That’s just a selected part of my name. There is one part in my name that goes as Uswatta Liyanaralalage (High-land Writers’?) which suggests that I possibly descend from some writers’ tribe. To keep up to the (speculated) family traditions, here I write.

I am Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 born, Norwegian 🇧🇻 resident. Currently, I’m reading a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. For more similar details, click here.

Emotional writing is romantic and provocative. However, emotions often change without changing the facts. Therefore, I try to maintain a fact-driven blog.

Secondly, the ability to think in first principles, to put things into a large perspective are key elements to penetrate the apparent truth. Having said that, it is risky, yet worthy to challenge the obviousness that set the status quo.

That’s how the blog name The Silly Point originates. It is generally stupid to stand under the nose of a man who swings around a 3-pound chunk of wood to negotiate a leather ball that is traveling towards him faster than a hunting cheetah. That’s how the funny game of cricket works and this position under his nose (almost) is known as the Silly Point.

Here we go, I stand at the Silly Point.

Enjoy the reads and feel free to reach me!