Perera AravindaI am Aravinda Perera, a Sri Lankan citizen & an engineer by profession, living in Norway. Reading my own writing brings me joy despite the writing part is a massive pain in the neck. This blog is a platform to share some of my writings with you to see if that joy is contagious.

Silly point is a potentially deadly yet an intriguingly important position to field in the game of cricket. In a literal meaning, an idea or a piece of information which sounds foolish could be known as a silly point.

As its name suggests, part of the writings are focused to cover not so popular still valid perspectives.  Weirdly, I also enjoy being silly and stupid. It is my favorite drug to relax, to have a laugh & also to bring a laugh to the surrounding. Therefore, silliness is expected to be the spine of the blog & if any of the posts sound rude or silly, it should be the later.

Most of the posts will be based on the thoughts based on the experiences with different cultures. However, I am yet to have a concrete vision towards the world & myself as both the world & I are evolving. So, your comments on the posts are gratefully welcomed. Having said that, if you agree with some of them, I will be very glad. If you disagree with them completely, I will be even glader because at least one of us will be correct at the end of the day.

Happy reading !



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