Quirky Quotes

This is a column to share some of the brilliantly witty statements I have heard or overheard over the years. The ownership is mentioned in front of the statement. If there are not, it should be my responsibility.

“Copy your assignments but know the content before the exam” – a teacher to me

“උත්සහවන්තයාගේ පුතා හෝ බෑනා ජයගනියි”

“ඉගෙනීම කටු අත්තකි, එහි ප්‍රත්ඵලය රෝස මල් වඩමකි”

“Aim at a star, at least you will end up on a coconut tree” – Fr. Stanley Abeysekara, Rector-SJC 1984-1994

“I should go home early because the food is getting cold and my wife is getting old” – common statement in the Smedley Toastmasters Club

“99% of the women are gorgeous, the rest are engineers” – common statement in University of Moratuwa

“How do you call a බෝතල් පත්තරකාරයා in English? Bottle journalist” – my brother

“Dress classy, dance cheesy” – Psy


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